Module 5 - The Number System

The Number System Pt 1

The Number System Pt 2

Putting It All Together

The vast majority of the video content works for us as is, but there are a couple of exceptions to note.

  • Keys: Our sheets will not have the key on them. We will continue having the leader for the week assign keys to each song.
  • Lyrics on the sheet: The example in the videos showed a chart with no lyrics - for our purposes, we will continue to use the chord/lyric combo sheet we currently use. The difference is that the chord letters will be replaced with numbers.
  • Chord markings: There are various chords that are indicated by the markings in the image on the right. The two at the bottom are actions that are done on those chords.

Chord Sheet Legend

Chord Examples

Timing and Split Bars

Time Signature: This is the number of beats in one bar/measure of music.

Split bars: We use these a lot and the example in the video showed them as being underlined. We will use parentheses to designate a split bar.

We will discuss both of these in more detail in the next section.